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Fire Safety Tips for Homeowners

Do not extinguish with water sign.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. In the case of fire, performing small and actionable fire prevention steps is better than paying sums in repair and restoration work after a fire eats portions of your home.

To protect the lives of your loved ones and your property, our superintendents and fire damage experts at Titan Restoration share some fire prevention tips:

  1. Mind your electric system – Check your wires and your plugs regularly. Wires can get frayed and exposed, increasing the likelihood that they will give off sparks and set off fires. If you have pets in your home, discourage them from playing with the wires and check to see if they have already damaged some connections. Never do octopus connections on a single outlet because they will overburden the circuit and cause it to spark or to blow up. Use only the right kind of bulbs with the right wattage for your lighting needs.
  2. Secure your kitchen against fires – Use salt or baking soda for grease fires because water can only make them worse. Never leave the kitchen unattended when cooking. Turn the handles of your pans inward so they aren’t protruding where people might knock them over. If you use an outdoor grill, keep it at least 3 feet away from your home or any shrubs. Make sure that your exhaust fan is grease-free.
  3. Store flammables and fuels outside – Keep a separate shed for fuel, gasoline, and materials that can serve to feed fire like hay. Don’t put liquids like paint thinners or gas in other containers aside the ones they came in with – their manufacturers package them in the best way possible to keep them from causing fires.
  4. Child-proof and pet-proof fire hazards – Keep matches out of reach of children. Discourage cats and dogs from going up on kitchen counters. Don’t allow dogs and cats to chew wires.
  5. Create a solid fire emergency plan for your family – Sit down with the members of your family and talk to them about how they should act when a fire starts. Take note of fire exits in the house and bring up possible scenarios like kitchen fires or they get locked in and smoke is already everywhere. Educate people on fire safety tips as well.
  6. Prepare fire prevention supplies and devices – Buy fire extinguishers for your house and let people know where they are. A fire extinguisher hidden in a closet somewhere will provide no use to your family once a fire begins. Get fire extinguishers that have the ABC rating because they can put out most kinds of fires. Make sure that you have smoke alarms installed in your home and that their batteries are changed once a year.
  7. Check to see if your house facilitates emergency fire evacuation – Make sure that certain elements in your house help family members escape in the event of a fire. Avoid installing double barrel locks which might hinder trapped people from easily opening the door to go outside. Ensure that there are various exit points in the house.
  8. Trust your common sense – Do not leave candles unattended. Stop smoking in bed. Respect fire enough to understand that if it is treated casually and ignored, it can consume nearby materials and grow large enough to eat away your home.

If parts of your home get eaten by a fire, the ruined spots of your home can harbor grains of smoke and soot which can be toxic and cause lung conditions in your family members. You can call on professionals like Titan Restoration to clear your house of any smoke and soot damage and get you and your family on the road to recovery fast. Please get in touch with us at our 888-267-1924.