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How Does Household Mold Develop and How Do You Deal with It?

mold growth on wallAside from staining your walls, mold poses a major problem for your house. Mold can infiltrate the spaces between materials like wood. Once mold growth settles in, it will weaken the integrity of the material and eat it away. Getting rid of mold is difficult and expensive because it often requires totally trashing anything it grows in like wooden panels, sections of drywall, or insulation. It is good to understand how mold can grow in your household so you can effectively deal with it.

According to the Florida Solar Energy Center at the University of Central Florida, mold will develop if the following requirements are fulfilled:

  1. Presence of mold spores – mold spores cannot be totally eliminated since they are present everywhere.
  2. A supply of nutrients – mold spores can feed on almost virtually anything and can get their nutrients even from wood or paper.
  3. The right temperature – mold growth cannot be discouraged by cold temperatures.
  4. Moisture – mold has higher humidity requirements than humans and experts agree that the best strategy to control mold is to control moisture levels in our homes.
  5. Time – mold colonies will grow within 24 to 48 hours once all the factors mentioned above are present.

Controlling humidity and moisture is the key to keeping mold at bay. Here are suggested ways which you can do in order to manage humidity and moisture levels in your house:

  1. Set up your air-conditioner right – first you will need to choose the right air-conditioner. Choose models with speed controls and a moisture removal mode. Get the right sized air-conditioner for your home because an oversized air-conditioning unit will be less effective in moisture removal than the right-sized one. Once you have the ACU down pat, set the blower fan of its thermostat on auto. Follow this advice so that the built moisture on the condenser does not get blown back into your home.
  2. Space pressurization – If the air in your home is depressurized and it’s humid outside, the air outside will enter your home through little airways in the walls. The walls themselves can act as filters to the air and soak up moisture from it. When this happens, the wall will become a breeding ground for mold colonies.
  3. Maintain great ventilation in your home – keep interior doors open when the air-conditioner is on so that air is circulating properly in all the rooms. Make sure that there are pathways for air to return. Installing exhaust fans for bathrooms is also needed to ensure that these wet areas dry faster to keep mold from growing.
  4. Solve water related problems fast – plumbing leaks can significantly increase moisture in your home so settle the concerns they present and plug all holes fast. Check your windows for condensation and either have them fixed or replaced if they get condensation often.

Keeping these things in mind and following them can keep your home mold-free. In case you encounter a large infestation of mold, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Titan Restoration to help you manage this issue. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and know-how to combat mold growth in your home.