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Is Your Enterprise Well-Prepared for Disasters?

An office destroyed by fireYour business is one of your most important investments. If you are like most entrepreneurs, it probably took you a long time to get your business up and running, not to mention to make it a sustainable enterprise that can support you financially for many years to come. That said, have you ever considered whether or not you have prepared enough to protect your business from disasters like fire, floods, and storms?

As a leading disaster restoration company in El Mirage and Greater Phoenix area in Arizona, Titan Restoration of Arizona advocates disaster preparedness among business owners and commercial property owners. Disaster planning is an important and worthwhile investment that will help keep your livelihood afloat when disaster strikes.

Protect your employees – Do your associates know what to do when a fire breaks out or when severe weather conditions strike? At the very least, they should be educated about things like hazards avoidance and building evacuation. However, a well-prepared company also considers worst case scenarios. Consider building a safe room to shelter your employees in the event of a tornado or when they are threatened by acts of violence. Safe rooms should be equipped with survival kits complete with water, food, medicines, first-aid materials, flashlights, batteries, respirators, and radio equipment.

Have the right business insurance policies. – Carefully review the types of insurance policies that your business currently has. If you only have a general liability insurance, this is not going to cover for disaster events. You need policies like business property insurance and business interruption insurance, which will pay for property damage and provide financial coverage during the weeks or months when your business will not be operational.

Back up critical data – You don’t want your data to be saved only in your business site. Just imagine what will happen if a tornado or a flood destroys the physical equipment that stores your electronic data. They will surely be gone forever if the computers or data centers are not restored successfully! Have your IT team identify a remote data center where they can create backup copies of critical records, including financial data, employee records, client records, and your employees’ work files.

Consider an alternative location or method of working – If your place of business has been affected by a disaster, what would you do? Always be prepared by considering an alternative location where you might be able to relocate temporarily. Also determine if working remotely or telecommuting is going to work for you in the event of a disaster happening. In any type of business, it’s always best if you are able to continue serving your clients despite the setback you are experiencing.

If your commercial property has suffered damage because of a disaster, call Titan Restoration of Arizona today at 888-267-1924. Our team of experts will help you restore your property to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible.