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Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

Man boarding up windows in homeA hurricane is a force of nature that should never be taken lightly. This is because such a weather disturbance can bring with it lots of rain, flooding, and strong winds, which can spell disaster for you and your home if you are unprepared. Preparing for a hurricane should be done way before any storm warnings are sounded, and those who live in areas that are prone to these occurrences should have everything they need ready for when these bear down.

To be ready way before a hurricane strikes, here are some things you can and should do:

  • Keep home protection equipment ready ahead of time – no, do not have storm shutters installed a day before a storm is set to hit, and no, do not run to the hardware store to buy plywood and tape on the day that a hurricane is set to touchdown in your area. The protective equipment you need to keep windows and doors generally intact when a storm arrives should already be installed before it does. Plywood as well as clips and straps for your home should already be on hand before a storm is announced to hit your area. Having a safe room without windows built into your home is also a good idea, and should be constructed as soon as you move in.
  • Trim trees and bring in outdoor items to keep these from flying at your home – your lawn chairs, pool umbrellas, and other outdoor items can become projectiles when left outside during a storm. Bring these in before a storm hits to keep this from happening, or tie these down if these are too big to bring inside. Trim branches from your trees and shrubbery, since these may also become a threat to your home.
  • Have an emergency kit ready for you and your family – an emergency kit is something that should be prepared way ahead of time, and should carry the essentials that can help you survive for a few days without electricity, water, food, and medical aid. This emergency pack should have your basic survival needs like ready-to-eat food for all members of your family, enough drinking water for everyone, blankets and warm clothes, flashlights and emergency lamps, candles and matches, and a complete first aid kit. You should also ensure that you have your important documents and copies of your insurance policies in this kit inside a plastic bag, and that the kit is placed inside a waterproof, airtight container.
  • Have an emergency and evacuation plan ready – aside from the emergency kit, an evacuation plan and disaster readiness plan should also be prepared way ahead of time. People in your family should know where to go and whom to call in case disaster strikes. They should also know where to evacuate to when the need arises, and what to do before evacuating your home.

After the storm has passed, when repairs are needed for the inside or outside of your home, you should get in touch with an expert that can help you with your water damage repair needs, storm and flood damage restoration, and general reconstruction needs. Titan Restoration is a company with years of experience behind it. To get in touch with us for your restoration and repair needs, call us at 888-267-1924, or drop us a line via our contact page.