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Restoration 101: How Does Document Restoration Work?

important documents in a file cabinet

Whenever a disaster caused by fires or floods ensues, you have very little time to react and evacuate the premises. If you remember the proper emergency escape plan procedures, the very first step you should always follow is to drop everything and proceed to the provided emergency stations in a calm and organized fashion. During your escape, your mind is ordering your body to immediately head out of the door. With all that is happening around you, it is possible that you have forgotten about the items that are left in the afflicted parts of the property.

Material possessions like phones, laptops, and other gadgets can be easily replaced, but important documents like birth certificates and primary health insurances are a bit more difficult to replace.

If you think that your soaked or charred papers are beyond help, do not fret; there is one way you can still restore these documents back to their readable and visible states through a method called document restoration.

How Does Document Restoration Work?

Most restoration companies offer this type of restoration. Not only do restoration companies restore your important documents, but they also restore items that have or are made out of paper such as books, photographs, and artwork.

For your item to be able to be classified as a “damaged document,” it must have been damaged by water, fire, mold, or been infested with pests.

Depending on the type of damage your document has sustained, it can go through one of these three types of restoration methods.

Vacuum Freeze-Drying

This method preserves fragile items from further damages and protects them during its journey to the restoration site. This process begins by completely freezing the item before decreasing its overall pressure. It is very effective for the preservation of books and other mediums.

Cryogenic Drying

It is similar to vacuum freeze-drying, but instead of entirely freezing the item, this method uses some moisture in its process. The advantage of having your documents cryogenically dried is that it preserves the shape of your items better. However, this method is more expensive than the others; therefore, it is best to reserve this procedure for items that are rare or valuable.

Specialized Cleaning

This method uses various methods of cleaning for water damaged documents. It begins by pre-treating or removing the dirt and debris on the document before applying the proper restoration techniques.

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