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The Risks of Sewage Backup from Your Basement

the interior view of a sewage pipe

The sewage is a place reserved for the removal of organic waste. Each time you flush the toilet, turn on your garbage disposal unit, or even unplug the drain after a bath, sediments and waste travel through the pipes and end up in your sewage.

The sewage keeps all of the waste from spreading or flooding into your home and commercialized space, but even sewages can cause serious water damages if they are not regularly checked and maintained. 

Sewage backup and overflow are the worst plumbing disasters anyone can face. Since the sewage is where waste is stored, being exposed to the blackish gunk that is bursting from the pipes can cause serious health issues and destroy the interiors of your property.

Health Risks

Different types of bacteria can be found in sewage; here is a list of the commonly found bacteria and their effects on the human body:

E.Coli – Abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and even death

Acanthomoeba – Eye, nose, throat and ear infections

Salmonella – Abdominal cramping and diarrhea

Heliobacter Pylpri – Increases the chance of ulcers

Hepatitis – Liver infection and failure

Leptospirosis – Muscle aches and vomiting

Property Damage

If damaged sewage pipes are not immediately repaired or replaced, your home or commercialized space experiences the following primary and secondary damages:



Wood Rotting

Furniture Contamination

Harmful Odors and Substances

When it comes to cleaning and repairing your sewage, it is always best to call in the experts. What separates you from the pros is that the professionals are trained to deal with such disasters. The pros at Titan911 understand the inner and outer workings of your sewage. We are also well-equipped to deal with such problems. Without our help, you are exposing yourself to harmful bacteria that may lead you to contract viruses and diseases. You are also prone to using incorrect methods when cleaning or unblocking your sewage; making it impossible to achieve the full cleanup you had intended to accomplish.

It is a tedious and time consuming task to restore your sewage system back into shape. That is why we, at Titan911, are just the right company you need. We approach every sewage problem with the proper solution for safe and fast service. Our services include mold remediation and property reconstruction to both residential and commercialized spaces; enabling us to provide the Titan911 touch in properties located in the Arizona area.

Has your sewage failed you before? Do you want to have it checked and repaired? Call us at: 888-267-1924 to inquire more about our services. You may also visit our contact page by clicking here