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Should I Create an Emergency Response Plan for My Business?

planning for an emergency response plan

When it comes to business, there are two things that always need protection: (1) your people (both employees and clients) and (2) your property and merchandise.

As business owners, you know that these two elements, though different in nature, work side-by-side. It is your job to keep both these factors in good relations and in perfect sync in order for your business to continue to flourish. You look and think of possible disagreements, unfavorable situations, and negative interactions between these two in order to rectify the problem immediately once the situation presents itself. However, some incidences, such as natural disasters, cannot be predicted and can cause serious damage between these two elements.

Floods, fire outbreaks, and storms are three of the most common types of natural disasters a business can face. It can begin from small dangers like leaky pipes, a blown fuse, and trickling rain, but may turn into terrifying thunderstorms, uncontrollable flames, and chest high floods in mere seconds. Even though these disasters can be unpredictable, you can prepare your business so that facing these dangers would not be a difficult experience.

What is an Emergency Response Plan?

An emergency response plan involves the steps and actions one should take before, during, and after an emergency situation. With this plan, you are able to save your business, your property and merchandise, and your people.

When you prepare for something, you just don’t prepare for that event itself. In order to get the best out of that situation, you think about what you are going to do before, during, and after the disaster has presented itself; this is the same case when it comes to creating an emergency response plan.


Installing devices and equipment, such as smoke and fire alarms, and fire extinguishers, will reduce the chances of fire spreading around your property. Having your pipes, toilets, and sinks regularly inspected and maintained will reduce the occurrence of flooding in the building. Also, practice emergency escape drills routinely to familiarize your people to exit the premises in a calm and organized fashion.


When you are finally facing the disaster, you must execute the correct evacuation procedure; which is always dependent on the type of danger you are in. During fires, heading to the ground floor via fire exits is the safest possible way to get out of the building alive. In floods, heading towards the rooftop to wait for rescuers could be the better choice. As for earthquakes, hiding under sturdy tables or getting into the “triangle of life” position will serve you better, rather than moving about the trembling building.


Just because the disaster has passed, doesn’t mean that the danger is over. The aftermaths that are left by these natural occurrences are big and difficult fixes. If you have a plan of action for these aftermaths, you will know that the job is meant to be done by the professionals.

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