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The Types of Mold and Their Effects on Human Health

Mold is everywhere. It is present as spores in our walls, on our furniture, in the air we breathe and quite possibly, even in our lungs. Schools, offices, and homestypes of mold are possible breeding grounds for mold and thus induce various respiratory illnesses in people who live and work in them. Not all mold strains are the same. Some are more dangerous than others.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists a few strains of mold:


Much like the other spores, alternaria can cause asthma. Alternaria, however, can grow on the skin and the mucuous membranes. Alternaria is known to grow in the lungs and the eyeballs. Infections caused by the mold are considered to be rare but can happen to people with compromised immune systems.


Aspergillus is considered to be one of the most invasive species of mold because it can live inside the lungs. It can cause a variety of respiratory diseases like Aspergilloma. In Aspergilloma, the aspergillus mold grows into balls that damage the lungs.


Cladosporium are among the most common strains of mold out there. They are wind dispersed and can indeed fill indoor air. They are generally thought to be harmless except for asthmatics. They can likewise cause skin irritations and toenail infections. They can trigger simple nasal infections. Respiratory issues caused by cladosporium can lead to pneumonia if not treated early.


Penicillium is the source of the drug Penicillin and is generally thought to be beneficial fungi because of this. Its spores are being tested to determine if they cause respiratory illnesses but tests have been inconclusive so far.

Mold can indeed affect human health. People should not submit to environmental conditions marked by the growth of mold colonies. If you see your home or office in the Phoenix area encounter a mold infestation, please seek the help of Titan Restoration. We will remediate the effects of mold by removing parts of your home where mold colonies reside, plug any sources of water damage, and reconstruct any affected parts. Titan Restoration also does fire damage restoration. If you need our help, please call 888-267-1924. We are your best line of defense against mold.