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What Causes Hailstorms and How Can They Damage Your Home?

According to the National Storm Damage Center, hail stone as large as peas can shred a vegetable garden and destroy standing corn crops. Hail stones that grow as large 2.54 – 2.70 inches in diameter, equivalent to the size of a tennis ball, can break windows and total cars. Imagine what damage a hailstorm can wreak on your home.

hands cupping a bunch of hailstonesHailstorms happen when a thunderstorm with strong, tilted drafts of upward moving wind combines with sub-freezing temperatures. The wind carries precipitation to the top of the cloud where each drop freezes. These little frozen beads fall but get carried upward again by 60 mph winds until they become too heavy to be brought up by the wind or the downdraft from the thunderhead carries them downward. These falling pieces pelt the land as hail stones.

The largest recorded hail stones in the US reached up to 8 inches in diameter, roughly the size of a soccer ball. Since hailstones fall down in speeds of 100 to 120 mph, it is not difficult to imagine the force they produce upon impact. It is important for people to avoid going outdoors and to seek cover once a hailstorm pelts an area. Hail storms could kill. In fact, the deadliest hailstorm in history killed 250 people in India in 1888. Most of the victims died instantly and those who survived the pelting died soon after because of their injuries.

Although our homes are made of sterner stuff, hail can batter down structures and do extensive damage to them. The National Storm Damage Center approximates the total hailstorm damage to crops, vehicles and homes to be around one billion dollars a year.

Homes suffer the following damage:

  1. Roof Damage – Since the roof bears the brunt of the hail fall, it will bear the most damage. Hail damage can be hard to detect but they must be repaired immediately since repairs become more and more expensive as time goes on.
  2. Skylight Damage – If a soccer ball filled with ice hits a glass wall at 120 mph, it is obvious that the glass will break. Expect damage to your skylight if a hailstorm comes to your area.
  3. Sidings Damage – The trajectory of hail can also be tilted and when they hit, the house can be pelted at its side resulting to damaged sidings.

It is a good time to review your coverage with your insurance provider and check if hailstorm damage is included while the weather is good. Hailstorms are often written under “Acts of God” but some providers list it in the coverage if hailstorms regularly occur in your locale.

When a hailstorm happens, you can also get in touch with Titan Restoration to help fix parts of your home that have been hit by wind and hail damage. Please call us at our 888-267-1924 number or through the Contact Us boxes in our pages.