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What Is Asbestos and How Dangerous Is It?

Asbestos sounds innocuous but there is a very real threat present in this once popular construction material. This glass-like substance gained popularity in the 19th century because of its resistance to fire, heat, chemical and electrical damage. When mixed with cement, it provided buildings with a cheap form of insulation and sound-proofing.

By the 20th century, researchers found that prolonged exposure to asbestos caused various lung diseases and lung cancer. This discovery led to the decline of the use of asbestos in construction and its subsequent ban for use in 1999.  Asbestos is considered to be responsible for 4,000 deaths in the United Kingdom each year. These deaths are connected to high exposure to asbestos. People who have high exposures may either be working in asbestos mines or involved in the installation of asbestos products.

People with prolonged exposure may be suffering from the following:

  1. Asbestosis – because of the crystal like formations of asbestos grains, they can wound the lungs should they enter the organ. This leads to asbestosis which is a condition that severely affects the quality of life of its sufferer.
  2. Asbestos induced lung cancer – this condition often leads to death.
  3. Mesothelioma – this is a form of lung cancer caused only by exposure to asbestos. Like other lung cancer, this is fatal and assures the death of those stricken by it.
  4. Pleural thickening – asbestos can thicken the lining of the lungs which will restrict them from expanding. Victims often feel breathless because of this condition.

The public is therefore cautioned from exposure and use of asbestos in their homes.  Despite its cancer-causing properties and the widespread ban of its use, 2 million tons of asbestos are still mined in Brazil, Canada, China, Kazakhstan, and Russia every year based on 2009 statistics. It is possible that there are still homes laced with the product. Homes which are built before the year 2000 should be screened for the material.

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