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What to Do After Your Home Experiences Water Damage

A corroded pipe, an overflowing toilet, or a busted main causes flooding and starts long-term water damage to the property. Fires can also cause flooding by destroying and eating away the pipes, letting the water flow freely. Residual flood water gives off odors and creates lines on the walls. Furniture can bear the evidence of flooding – their shine and varnish disappear. The moisture and the precipitation left by a flood provide the perfect environment for mold to grow. A flood is treated as an emergency; but what happens to the home after it should also be treated with the same urgency.

If your home got flooded, here is a list of things to do in order to keep the situation from getting worse:

  1. Switch off all utilities, starting with the water main – Stop all water flow into your home until you fix the problem areas. Flooding can cause problems with the electrical system and can induce sparks from outlets. Gas supply can get compromised. It’s better to avoid the problem from snowballing and involving your electrical and gas system.
  2. Extract flood water – Immediately remove floodwater from the area using buckets, mops and towels. If the water level is sizeable, consider borrowing a pump. Hiring a remediation expert like Titan Restoration is ideal when it comes to these situations.
  3. Dry furniture as soon as possible – Move furniture to a dry area of the home. If the weather is good, consider sunning the items outside in order to aerate the odors and dry the materials. Roll the carpets and dry them as well.
  4. Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate – Set up fans in the flood-affected areas of the home once most of the water has been removed. The first 48 hours is critical in terms of drying these areas in order to avoid long-term damage and mold growth.
  5. Check for vermin and debris – Floodwaters bring all manner of things into your home. Rats and snakes may hide out in your house. Debris can get carried in by the flow so clean these off immediately as soon as possible.
  6. Wash linens and clothes ASAP – In order to save clothes and linens, you will need to wash them immediately.
  7. Document the damage – If your things become unusable because of the water damage, it is important that you do not throw them away. Your insurance adjusters will need to check the things you’ve lost in case you file a claim.
  8. Get a pro – If you want to save time, maximize your convenience, and ensure that your insurance claim goes smoothly, hire a professional like the flood technicians of Titan Restoration. They will extract the water fast, perform controlled drying in your home, collect your things to dry and repair them, and make sure that all is well with your insurance claim by documenting your damage and the repair processes. They will handle all the communication with the insurance company as well.

When your home gets flooded, you can count on Titan Restoration to respond to your emergency and provide your home with the excellent care it deserves. Please call us at our 888-267-1924 and one of our friendly flood technicians will speak with you.