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What to Look for in a Fire Extinguisher

a bunch of fire extinguishers

It is hard to know quality when shopping for fire extinguishers because they all come packaged in the standard black hose and red canisters. But choosing the right kind of fire extinguisher for your home, in Phoenix, AZ, or in other areas in the state, can mean life or death when faced with a fire later on. In this guide, Titan Restoration gives you the lowdown on what to look for in a fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers may all look alike but the label will tell you everything you need to know about differentiating one from the other:

A good fire extinguisher comes with an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) seal. Every industry has an organization that maintains standards and product quality through rigid testing and approval. Underwriters Laboratory is the organization for fire safety related products and services in the United States. If you want a fire extinguisher that is made in the US and is guaranteed to fit the highest manufacturing standards in the country, then all you need to do is to look for the UL seal.

A good fire extinguisher tells you what kind of fire it is good for. You will need to learn how to read ratings. A is for fires from common fuel sources like paper, wood, and cloth; B is for fires from gas, kerosene, and oil; C is for electrical fires, ones that will give you a shock if you don’t use the right extinguisher; D are for fires that come from metal or metal shavings; and K is for kitchen as in for fires from cooking oil. Get the right kind of fire extinguisher for the right area in your home. If you need one that fights all kinds, there are multipurpose rated fire-extinguishers.

A good fire extinguisher is packaged in the weight you can easily handle.  The right fire extinguisher for you is light enough for you to carry when you’re in a hurry to snuff out a fire and large enough to contain a good amount of extinguishing agent to bust a blaze.

When you’re in the market for a fire extinguisher, read the label first, check the seal and the ratings and imagine where you will place it in your house. Knowing what kind of fire it is designed for will let you account for its placement and its weight.

We hope that you’ve learned a great deal about fire extinguishers in this article. If you encounter fire damage in your home or business in Phoenix, Arizona, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Titan Restoration. We also remediate water damage, do asbestos removal, and perform reconstruction for damaged parts of the structure. You can get in touch with us at 888-267-1924 or message us through the form in any of the pages on this site.

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