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Why Immediate Cleanup Is Necessary After a Fire and Smoke Disaster

ruins of a house after a fireAfter the firemen leave and the fire marshal declares that it is safe to go back home, another emergency starts - the urgent task of cleaning up of soot, debris and the left-over residue of fire and smoke damage.

Aside from the lingering psychological effects of experiencing a disaster, a fire will leave particulates that are toxic to people and to things. The grains from soot and smoke are acidic. They will discolor any item they cover over an extended period of time. Strong odors can affect health and require thorough smoke odor removal. Halting or staggering clean-up efforts will make the process a lot more costly in the long run.

As much as possible, experts advise homeowners to not attempt doing post-disaster cleaning alone. First, the fire marshal must see that there are no possible sources of a secondary fire left. Pieces of debris are dangerous in the sense that some ruined items can still spark and cause another fire if they are not tended to immediately.

Second, an electrical inspector must assess the state of the electrical system in the house. A fire compromises the wiring system in your home, and chances are outlets and plugs will not be safe to use just yet.

Even when these preliminaries are done, homeowners have to wait for an insurance adjustor to survey the extent of the damage. Those who choose to go at it and perform cleaning themselves run the risk of getting their claims reduced or overturned if the inspector cannot make an objective assessment of the site. Only with the help of professional contractors will this process be made convenient and liability-free.

Aside from the carbon particulates, fire can expose sections of homes which may contain asbestos. If asbestos breaks down to smaller dust-like grains, it becomes more dangerous because it is easily inhaled. Asbestos damages the lungs and causes respiratory cancer after a long period of exposure. Professionals need to be contacted for asbestos removal.

Since firemen pump a lot of water into the environment, there will be excess moisture and water covering items and the floor. If this wet area cannot be cleaned within 24 – 48 hours, it will be the perfect place for mold to grow. And because the moisture will be extensive, it will take professionals armed with structural drying equipment to do the work quickly. This should be done fast, otherwise property owners run the risk of adding mold remediation to their burdens aside from the clean-up.

If your home had just recently caught fire, please do not risk cleaning the site yourself. You can call on Titan Restoration if your home is around the greater Phoenix area or any of the communities in the Maricopa or Pinal Counties. Our team of professionals will help speed you on the road to recovery by performing the clean–up efficiently and professionally. Please get in touch with us at our 888-267-1924 number or through the contact form in any of our pages.