Construction & Remodeling

Construction & Remodeling 

Titan Restoration is the leading water and fire damage restoration company in Phoenix, AZ. Titan Restoration is also a leading expert in residential and commercial construction and finish outs.

Titan Restoration is fully staffed with experienced project managers, superintendents, and trade specialists to make any sized building or structural construction project run smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, the design team works closely with both our construction teams and our clients on tenant finish outs as well as on full-scale design.

Reconstruction and Remodeling

As more and more opportunities have entered the business, we developed a reputation for successful completion of construction and reconstruction projects. Many satisfied customers have offered positive feedback and helped spread the word, resulting in growing demand. The finish out and remodeling department has increased in size due to demand. Past reconstruction projects have included materials that experienced fire damagemold damagewater damagestorm damage, smoke damaged, and other vandalized properties. Reconstruction teams also routinely handled kitchen and bathroom remodels, tenant finish out, as well as basement finish out projects. Due to the successful completion of numerous remodeling and rebuilding jobs, the company developed emergency response programs with churches and schools throughout the Phoenix area. These public and private entities depend on Titan Restoration in disastrous events.

Reconstruction & Rebuild Solutions:

• Demolition

• Debris removal

• Reframing and stud placement

• Re-bricking and wall rebuild

• Sheetrock tape and bed

• Electrical work

• Cabinetry building or refinishing

• Vanity replacement

• Flooring replacement

• Gutter and flashing installation

• Roof installation

Titan Restoration Works with Clients

Every project begins with a clear idea of client objectives, along with an analysis of goal feasibility, scope and financial planning. Titan Restoration works closely with clients on timeliness and plans of action in both new construction and reconstruction projects. Titan Restoration offers free consultations and estimates for all construction, remodeling, and finish out jobs. Crews are on call 24/7 for emergency situations, making response time and reliability a natural part of the excellent customer service the company is known for.

An Example of A Home Remodeling and Reconstruction Project

Titan Restoration has dealt with homes that experienced significant harm due to fire and water damage. Imagine a house catching fire due to an electrical mishap and further damage caused by firefighters when extinguishing the fire with massive quantities of water. Rooms completely totaled as a result of fires have had to be finished out.

Reconstruction work involves: reframing; putting up sheetrock; painting; tiling; and installing a new shower and vanity. Additionally, crews reframe parts of a roof and install new gutters. When there is extensive damage to a staircase, Titan Restoration has had to replace the staircase, along with the handrail.

The exterior of a residence may be damaged, as well. Reconstruction crews have had to remove fire damaged bricks and replace them with stone, since the existing brick was discontinued. Titan Restoration’s design team has come up with stone replacements when needed. The colors and patterns can be matched beautifully for new flooring as well, which includes tile, wood and carpet.

Interiors have been painted with a specially requested custom application, adding glitter to the paint. In the dining room and formal living area of one home, the paint was rolled over the wall, along with faux finishing. Customers are pleased with the work and their experience with our project managers.

Titan Restoration is your choice for construction and reconstruction in the Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. Contact us today!

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