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Documents Restoration in Phoenix, and throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties

Documents Restoration in Phoenix, and throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties

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Having documents, books, and other forms of media damaged after a fire or a storm is par for the course. Both fire and water can be destructive elements, especially to extremely delicate materials like paper. If a fire doesn’t completely burn through hard copies as well as electronic devices, it leaves behind traces of smoke and soot, while water gives way to potential mold growth. These elements require prompt and speedy action to alleviate.

Water damaged documents can be restored by the following methods: specialized cleaning, cryogenic drying, and vacuum freeze-drying. These methods are highly efficient and do not further damage hard copy material or data on magnetic media for use on electronic devices. Using these methods, water is removed in a gradual process that ensures your documents do not warp as they dry, minimizing distortion and warping. Titan Restoration is the logical choice for documents restoration in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas.

Document Restoration Methods

The use of a variety of cleaning products applied to waterlogged documents is called specialized cleaning, and mostly involves the removal of dirt and debris before further restoration is employed.

Documents, books, and other media are then freeze-dried in order to preserve as well as protect them during transport to the restoration site. The aforementioned items are delicate to begin with and will be made further susceptible to damage, which makes this step necessary. The items are completely frozen and the pressure decreased so that the water in them transitions from a solid to a gaseous state, skipping over the liquid phase.

Cryogenic drying only differs from vacuum freeze-drying in that the water passes through a liquid phase before turning into gas. The result is a better preservation of shape and less warping and distortion of books and documents. The same process can also be applied for water-damaged leather goods, although this method is more expensive. However, the gain outweighs the loss as this guarantees the complete restoration of valuable pieces like rare books or historical documents.

Documents Restoration Specialists

You can count on Titan Restoration in Phoenix, AZ to be at the forefront of the cleaning and restoration industry. We employ the most advanced and up-to-date techniques to make sure that your belongings are protected and restored to their former states as pristinely as possible. For a free quotation and inspection of all your documents, please feel free to call us at 888-267-1924, or get in touch with us through our Contact Us page. We will quickly contact you!