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Dangers of Asbestos in Phoenix, Az and throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties

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Asbestos Removal Service in Phoenix AZ

In the past, asbestos was used widely by many industries due to its many qualities, such as durability, chemical inertness, flexibility, and insulation capabilities. These qualities saw this natural occurring substance being used in building materials that included tiles, shingles, sidings, fireproofing, and many more.

What was not evident during the early years when this was first used was that, the asbestos fibers that were added to these building materials were actually very dangerous. This is due to their thinness (these fibers can be 200 times thinner than a person’s hair), which enabled them to float in the air for a long time. This capability to stay airborne, added to the fact that these fibers are virtually invisible when afloat, is what enables them to enter the lungs of a person, which can then cause numerous respiratory illnesses.

Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, Lung Cancer, and Asbestos Exposure

One of the illnesses that is caused by exposure to asbestos is called mesothelioma. This is a cancer that is caused by the inhalation of asbestos, and is probably one of the hardest to actually diagnose since it takes a long time to develop, and comes with rather commonplace symptoms that make a person ignore it until it is too late.

Asbestosis is also another ailment that stems from asbestos inhalation, and is also caused by prolonged exposure to materials that carry this fibrous substance. Having asbestosis opens up individuals to the risk of contracting lung cancer. Asbestosis carries with it almost the same symptoms as mesothelioma, and if severe enough, may require a lung transplant.

While asbestos lung cancer is considered one of the rarer types of lung cancer around, it does not diminish its danger to a person’s life. Around 4,800 deaths are attributed to this ailment every year, and the cause is also the inhalation of asbestos that is floating in the air. The symptoms of this ailment are similar to both mesothelioma and asbestosis, and this ailment is often detected later in the cancer’s progression, making it more difficult to cure.

Importance of Asbestos Removal

These illnesses make it all the more important to remove any building material that has asbestos in it found in your home. Exposure to these materials can increase your chances of contracting any of these life threatening ailments, and may shorten your life considerably. Do not attempt asbestos removal yourself, however. You should only trust experts who are trained and know what to do to safely rid your home of asbestos to do this job for you, and Titan Restoration has the team for such a task.

To find out more about this process and how we can help you get rid of asbestos in your home, call us today at 888-267-1924, or leave us a message via our Contact Us page. Getting rid of asbestos is something you cannot and should not put off for later since the longer this material is in your home, the higher the risk of getting sick from it. Contact Titan Restoration today and remove such a health threat from your home as soon as possible.