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Crime Scene Cleanup Service in Greater Phoenix, Arizona

Crime Scene Cleanup Service in Greater Phoenix, Arizona

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When devastating events like homicides, suicides, and deaths caused by unfavorable circumstances occur, it’s standard protocol not to disturb the crime scene. Local authorities need to inspect the situation without any disruptions, so they can gather enough evidence to support their conclusions. However, once they’re done processing the crime scene and leave the premises, the location of the traumatic event is left in disorder. It’s possible that bloodstains have splattered all over the walls and floors, and dangerous substances have soaked the surrounding furniture. 

Unless you’re working in law enforcement or a similar field, it’s not every day that you experience a traumatic situation. It’s highly unlikely that you know what to in after the authorities have processed a crime scene, and cleaning up your devastated property on your own is not recommended. It’s not wise to leave the crime scene as it is because it won’t be great for your physical and mental health.

That’s why if your property has turned into a sudden crime scene, contact Titan Restoration of AZ, so we can professionally clean up the scene for you.

Titan Restoration Can Handle Any Trauma Cleanup Situation

Titan Restoration of AZ provides reliable and efficient biohazard services to properties in greater Phoenix, Arizona. We’ve seen our fair share of traumatic events and know exactly how to eliminate them from your building, fast. Cleaning up a crime scene will require us to perform the following, ensuring that your property is free from bloodstains and other contaminants:

Control Affected Areas

To minimize the contaminants from spreading, we’ll establish three zones and separate the affected area from the other parts of your property with bio-tape and plastic sheeting. These zones are:

  • Control zone – affected area where the work will take place.
  • Buffer zone – area where our fully licensed and certified technicians wear their protective equipment.
  • Clean zone – area where tools and equipment are stored to prevent cross contamination.


Once we’ve set up the zones, we’ll start cleaning the affected area. We utilize special cleaning techniques and equipment to remove all traces of blood, dirt, chemicals, and other biological materials. Personal items that are salvageable will go through our contents restoration process. However, unsalvageable contents will be disassembled and disposed as medical waste.

Sanitization and Deodorization

After the cleaning procedure, we’ll treat the affected areas with disinfectants. Once this is done, our technicians will manually wipe the surfaces a second time and then check the area to ensure it’s completely sanitized. Finally, we’ll use a deodorizer to eliminate lingering odors.

Call Titan Restoration of AZ at 888-267-1924 if your property has become the location of a crime scene. Our emergency services are available 24/7 so you can give us a call at any time. The moment we receive your request, we’ll dispatch our quick response team to your location immediately. We serve properties in greater Phoenix, Arizona.