Titan Restoration of AZ realizes that not everyone eats, drinks and breathes water restoration. So, we understand that you may not fully understand the topic of water loss classification or its importance.

Water Damage Classification

Summer is here and one of the quickest ways your summer plans can go up in flames is fire damage. Titan Restoration of AZ encourages you to consider and prevent some of the most common causes of fire damage. You probably rarely think about fire damage; but sadly, house fires occur […]

Common Causes of Fire Damage Part 1

The combination of wind and rain that come with the annual AZ monsoons can cause quite a bit of water damage in your home. Water damage can be deceptive. Most people are careful to mop up water that accumulates in their home; however, water can penetrate into structural cavities, creating trapped pockets of saturation. […]

Monsoon Water Damage

Washing machines are a major source of water damage. Titan Restoration of AZ receives numerous water losses every year caused by washing machines. Our purpose today is to provide facts about washing machine leaks, so that you can prevent these losses from occurring in your home. Facts A burst water […]

Water Damage Prevention Tips on Washing Machines

In some of our previous articles, we have warned you about the possible water damage that your washing machine can cause. Today we would like to warn you about the possible fire damage that your dryer can cause. Lint and heat are a dangerous combination in your home. With everything […]

Dryer Fire Damage Safety in Phoenix, and throughout Maricopa and ...