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Maintaining church property can be perceived as a daunting task for some. Regardless of how big or small the church is, there are many things to consider when it comes to its cleaning and maintenance. Carpets, antique artwork, stone floors and wooden furniture all suffer from the effects of the elements and normal wear and tear, as congregations visit the church on a regular basis.

Titan Restoration gladly extends its services to churches and all related furnishings within its property. The church can utilize any of our cleaning and restoration services as needed. If your church is located within the greater Phoenix area, then give us a call.

Preservation and Restoration Services

Due to the amount of historical and ornamental fixtures found within a church, it is vitally important to keep them in as pristine a state as possible. Unfortunately, many of these furnishings are prone to a host of mundane problems such as water damage on woodwork or rust and corrosion on metal ornaments. Excess moisture from the rain can especially cause havoc on wooden furniture and artwork. Neglect can cause many of these antiques to fall into a state of disrepair as wood can warp and colors fade from a canvas due to water damage.

Our team of professional specialists can give a thorough assessment of any area within the church confines and give a fair quotation for any restoration work that needs to be done.

Disaster Preparedness and Clean Up Services

It is very important to come up with a proper disaster preparedness plan following a major fire, flood or similar emergency that could befall your church. We will gladly come up with a proper outline that can properly prepare your church should any disaster arise. We also make it a point to follow through with the plan with utmost efficiency to minimize any damage that the church has sustained and continue with any subsequent cleanup that follows.

Contact Titan Restoration and Inquire about Our Services

If you are interested in any cleaning or restoration work that needs to be done for your church, our friendly staff is on standby 24/7 to give you a free assessment of our services. We have had decades of experience and have a very thorough track record of providing the highest quality of commercial services to any establishment. Contact us now through our Contact us page or through this number: 888-267-1924.