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Disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. That’s why it’s necessary to have a contingency plan for when it occurs – one that can prevent, or at least minimize, the damage of any oncoming disasters. It should support rapid recovery of business operations so that it can get back on its feet faster, and mitigate the effects brought about by natural or man-made disasters.

When pre-emptive measures are taken against disasters, business recovery can be swift and not at all unpleasant, significantly easing a business owner’s mind and reducing chaos and confusion. Titan Restoration is a residential and commercial disaster cleanup company that can do just that. We employ well-seasoned professionals and provide continuing training to all of our employees, ensuring that you will receive the best, up-to-date, and honest service in pre- and post-disaster scenarios.

After a disaster strikes, whether it’s from a sudden storm surge or a fire, it is imperative to get a quality expert crew on-site to assess the damage and assist in the speedy clean up of any debris. In addition, any specialists attending to structural repairs and restoration issues can efficiently address them first-hand in order for your business to resume operations.

Titan Restoration prides itself on having educated, well-equipped experts whose skills have been tried and tested through both natural and man-made disasters. We offer the following services: smoke, fire and water damage restoration and cleanup, content salvaging and furniture restoration, removal of debris, structural repairs, rebuilds, and remodeling. We can also provide electrical and plumbing repair, as well as many other tasks that aid in the expedient restoration of your establishment to its pre-disaster state.

Assessments and cost-estimates are always performed for free to ensure that you receive a factual and honest estimate. Commercial and residential restoration and repairs differ only in proportion: most things that can plague a commercial establishment also plague a home, and timely action is needed in order to minimize further damage and, subsequently, costs of repair.

Commercial establishments require restoration on a larger scale due to more complex logistics, and to ensure that business operations contained within are resumed as soon as possible. Each project differs, so Titan Restoration customizes its disaster preparedness and cleanup plans for each client. Get in touch with us by calling 888-267-1924 or through our Contact Us page for more details.