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Because of the nature of their business, health care organizations--most especially hospitals--need to maintain a degree of both system and network availability. The lives of numerous patients may depend on hospital equipment being up and running, and with a severe lack of access to vital health care data in the event of any downtime because of water, fire, smoke, wind or even hail damage.

Titan Restoration will happily extend a helping hand to hospitals and all the related restoration within its property. The hospital can, at any time, utilize our cleaning and restoration services to get their facility back into shape before further damage is caused. If your hospital is located within the greater Phoenix area, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Preservation and Restoration

A disaster recovery plan must reconsider the overall impact to the clinical workflow, especially in the event of patient surgery, especially because physicians and clinicians become dependent on the various medical equipment related to a certain medicine or surgery required for the patient to have a fighting chance at life.

What causes water damage in hospitals is similar to water damage in residences. When water seeps into buildings and finds crevices, there could be moisture problems in the crawl space and basement, an overflow of water leading to a problematic sewage system. Possible accidents can happen where a small item is forgotten and lodges itself into a pipe, blocking it. All of these can cost a pretty penny, to the tune of thousands of dollars wasted for every occurrence.

The appearance of moisture and humidity can mean that mold, rotting wood, medical equipment failures and even the peeling of paint can occur. Water in the hospital can endanger the electrical wiring system, making it a fire hazard. In the long run, this can cost not only money, but the lives of many people. Maintaining the well-being of the hospital and having a professionally-trained repair team on call to handle any small emergencies is a good safeguard against high losses.

Disaster Recovery and Restoration Plan with Titan Restoration

The first step in proper disaster recovery planning is to have a business impact analysis, which also involves identifying all the systems and applications being affected, as well as determining the severity if this business were to fall. For hospitals and health care organizations, this also includes how patients' care is directly affected.

Afterwards, it's vital to have an evacuation and shelter plan for natural and man-made disasters, making sure to wisely invest in communications and back-up power systems for nearly any situation. It's also in the hospital's best interest to protect the data of not only their patients, but the things their patients are sensitive to, such as negative reactions to medicines or any food allergies. There can also be an insurance plan set up to combat any rising costs in repairs.

And this is where we at Titan Restoration come in. We provide not only the best equipment, but the best service possible for you and your particular situation. If you're going to rely on a restoration company, it better be a restoration company that you can surely trust. Contact Titan Restoration now at 888-267-1924 for all your hospital repair and restoration needs, and you'll receive a free assessment and cost-estimate, so that you can get on top of returning your hospital to its pristine state.