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Water damage in a hotel is inevitable, and happens a lot more often than its customers think. In order to maintain a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for the guests, management should take immediate action to ensure that these incidents are taken care of as soon as possible, regardless of magnitude.

Effects of Water Damage in Hotels

What causes water damage in hotels is much the same as in residences. Water damage can be caused by flooding, burst pipes and damaged equipment that isn’t working as intended, moisture problems in basements and crawl spaces, backflow from faulty sewage systems, accidents and pranks. All of these can cost hotels up to thousands of dollars in damage per occurrence, translating into astronomical business expenses. Left unchecked, they can also translate into a significant loss of business, as no guest would want to spend their nights in a poorly-maintained hotel.

Moisture and humidity provide not only an opening to possible structural damage, but also potential mold growth in a hotel which can be risky at best and lethal at worst for its guests. It can cause wood to rot, paint to peel, and expedited deterioration of the building. Hotel water damage can also cause problems in its electrical wiring system, making it a potential fire hazard. This can cost the hotel a lot in the long run, so maintaining the establishment and having a qualified repair team attend to any mishaps as soon as possible is a hotel’s best bet against further losses.

Creating a Hotel Contingency Plan with Titan Restoration

It’s in a hotel’s best interest to keep the establishment running in tiptop shape at all times in order to minimize costs netted by frequent repairs. In these cases, having a contingency plan is ideal. The contingency plan helps to be prepared for any scenario that may come up, and it should be put together long before any potential emergencies in order to ensure that business is not interrupted.

Determining an evacuation and shelter plan for both natural and man-made disasters, investing wisely in communication and power backup systems, protecting business data and other media, and investing in adequate insurance are only some of the most basic things a hotel can do to minimize the risk to their business. Furthermore, developing a relationship with th right local restoration company is essential.

This is where Titan Restoration comes in. Titan Restoration provides the best service and equipment for all of your hotel repair and restoration needs. Contact us now at 888-267-1924 and receive a free assessment and cost-estimate in order to get on the fast track to returning your hotel to a superior state.