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Medical/Dental Facility Commercial Services Medical/Dental Facility Commercial Services

The emergencies that medical and dental facilities encounter aren’t always about physical or mental ailments. Sometimes, these properties face disasters that are caused by water, fire, or other storm-related scenarios. If ever medical professionals are caught in a situation that involves a strong flood or a roaring flame, they can do very little to calm the situation. These people are trained to help people and save lives, so dealing with the messy aftermath of floods, fires, and storms is not included in their expertise.

When medical or dental facilities are in need of a professional restoration company, Titan Restoration of AZ is ready to lend a helping hand. Restoring and cleaning up the damage caused by disasters is our specialty, so you don’t have to worry about handling the mess on your own. We understand just how difficult it is to work in a space that has been wrecked by floods, fires, and storms – we’ve seen it before. Without a safe place for your patients to receive immediate care, it will be impossible for medical professionals to do their job. But, if you contact Titan Restoration of AZ right after the disaster, we are certain that your medical or dental facility will be up and running in no time.

The Severe Consequences of Secondary Damage

The Severe Consequences of Secondary Damage

At Titan Restoration of AZ, we always think ahead when it comes to dealing with waterfire, or storm-related damage. Why? Because even if most people think that the problem is solved once the disaster has been cleared, we know that the situation can still get worse. Areas that hold hints of moisture, soot, or smoke may attract unwanted visitors like mold, bacteria, and critters. If these organisms accumulate, they will affect the health of your patients and the durability of your property.

It’s a given that the mold and bacteria on your walls, floors, and ceiling can spread throughout your facility via air. But these organisms can also tear through wood and concrete, given enough time. If your structure isn’t stable, it is likely that your property won’t hold the next time it encounters a disaster, and that is a scenario you don’t want to experience.  

Creating a Medical/Dental Facility Contingency Plan with Titan Restoration

With the help of Titan Restoration of AZ’s professional commercial services, your medical or dental facility can receive a second chance each time it experiences a disaster. Of course, we can’t do it alone. We need your help to be able to increase your patients’ (and property’s) chances of getting through a disaster. If you don’t know where to start or what to do, here is a guideline to help you out:

  • Equip each room with the proper emergency systems and kits (e.g. fire alarms, communication devices, backup generators, etc.)
  • Make an escape/evacuation plan for all types of disasters. Make sure that everyone can understand the schematics. Post it around the facility if you need to
  • Conduct emergency drills regularly so that your employees are familiar with what to do in a dangerous scenario
  • Have emergency numbers on standby or memorized. You’ll need to know the numbers of the local fire department, police, and of course, a reliable restoration company

If your medical or dental facility is located in Phoenix, AZ or throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties, you can contact Titan Restoration of AZ at 888-267-1924.