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Titan Restoration of AZ – Floodhouse
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Course: C07297 Water Damage Restoration Considerations Provider # S16543

In February 2010, Titan Restoration of Arizona, LLC began the process of creating “The Floodhouse.” It is a 1400 square foot home built in 1948 that underwent extensive reconstruction and remodeling for the sole purpose of learning more about water damage and then teaching it to others.

The home is fairly unique in its purpose. That being said, we split the house into two sections.

The original section of the home is block construction with a few plaster walls. The remaining walls were changed to drywall, with insulation where needed. Comprised of two bedrooms, a bathroom and a Kitchen / Family room, this is the “classroom” where we talk about principles of drying.

The second section is the new section which is comprised of standard wood framing with insulated stucco exterior walls. Approximately 500 sq feet on new concrete slab, we installed carpet, padding, drywall and baseboards to create a fully functional bedroom and den. Both rooms have carpeting and rebond padding. The addition is built to current city code, with an exception to the electrical outlets. We upgraded the outlets to GFCI because of the constant presence of water in this area of the home. This area is our “lab” which we flood out 2-3 times per month. These rooms can be furnished to represent a real house flood. Everything is dried in place, with no need for reconstruction when the dryout is complete.

We have all the latest and greatest restoration equipment available for your use. The lab is to experiment and execute the principles we learn in the classroom. We demonstrate what works and what does not work, with the emphasis on drying everything in place, including carpet, padding and drywall. When we are finished drying the home in three days, we clean the carpeting so the “home owner” can move back in.

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