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As household disasters go, a fire can be infinitely damaging to any home owner, leaving behind destruction in its wake and the serious threat of long-term damage to any house unfortunate enough to have fallen victim to it.

In most cases, you will need the assistance of a fire damage restoration service provider to reverse the effects brought about by a house fire. Titan Restoration is the answer to all your needs, providing all-around quality restoration services to return your home or workplace back to the way it was.

Effects of Smoke and Soot Damage

Fire creates smoke as it burns through flammable material, clinging to every surface it can find: walls, ceilings, clothing, appliances, and furniture. Traditional cleanup may help in removing any visible traces, but the very nature of smoke seeps into cracks and crevices that ordinary cleaning materials may miss on their first sweep. Furthermore, smoke residue can erode surfaces, slowly but progressively creating more damage with the passage of time, and smoke odor lingers. It is also highly toxic in nature, and can cause sickness or irritation to both humans and animals in your residence.

Metals corrode over time with exposure to water, succumbing to rust. Fires tend to speed up the rusting and corrosion, which may pose a danger to those living in a house previously fallen victim to one. Appliances will need to be replaced for the same reason, as smoke can come into them and damage sensitive components critical to their use. Wooden components can also suffer extensive smoke damage long after a fire has been put out. Chemicals left behind after a fire has been put out of a home can linger long after the flames have died down, which may lead to respiratory illnesses, irritation to skin, and other health-related concerns.

Soot is also included in the unfortunate aftermath of a fire. These are impure carbon particles that result from the incomplete combustion or burning of hydrocarbon substances, and can pose a great risk to humans if not properly cleaned up.

Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration

To remove any and all traces of smoke and soot from your home, it is best to depend on the professionals at Titan Restoration. We have friendly and helpful representatives who are ready to accommodate your concerns any time. You may call us to answer any questions you may have at 888-267-1924, or you can also leave a request on our Contact Us page for assistance and our people will quickly get back in touch with you. All cost-estimates and inspections are free, so contact us now and let us restore your home to its former glory safely and effectively.