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Smoke Odor Removal in Phoenix, AZ and throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties

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Recovering from fire and smoke damage can be quite a harrowing experience. Apart from replacing everything that’s been incinerated or heavily damaged by the fire, the persistent smell of smoke and soot can linger on for days if not addressed properly. We can effectively handle smoke odor removal projects throughout the greater Phoenix area.

Chemical Nature of Smoke

The chemical nature of smoke and soot makes it very difficult to remove, especially in porous materials where it can easily penetrate and seep into them. The formation of chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, when halogen-containing plastics are burned, can easily transfer into other materials as a corrosive reaction.

Smoke and soot corrosion can spell the end of many household items, even if they haven’t been directly affected by the fire. Microelectronic devices have delicate circuit boards, which can easily corrode the sensitive materials found in them. In addition, many smoke components can cause short circuits because they are also considered as conductors that can disrupt electrical pathways along a circuit board.

Deodorization Process

Titan Restoration is knowledgeable about the removal of smoke odors from any material. For more severe cases, Titan Restoration of Phoenix, AZ also employs advanced techniques such as thermal fogging or ozone treatment to remove persistent odors from the affected area or materials.

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