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Mold, despite its deceptively harmless appearance, is one of the most dangerous things that can be found in a home. It can cause the biodegradation of natural materials, such as food and property. It is also the cause of serious diseases from allergic sensitivity to its spores, to its growth within the body when ingested or inhaled accidentally. Extensive mold growth has driven people to move out of their homes and workplaces, lest they be beset by adverse chronic health conditions as a result of living with it.

Cosmetic fixes simply aren’t enough, and cleaning mold yourself can be nothing but a terrible idea. When ingested or inhaled, mold can pose some serious health risks, and this is only too easy when the average person tries to remove mold themselves. You need a professional cleaning agency who knows what they’re doing, with people who have undergone the proper training and possess the right equipment to eradicate this silent threat from your home. The average person may think that a simple bleaching with chlorine is enough to get the job done, but mold colonies could still be hiding in unseen nooks, crannies and spaces inside your walls, ceilings, beneath the floors, even the air you breathe.

Among the list of the harmful effects of mold ingestion or inhalation are the following: coughing, sinus congestion and irritation, nosebleeds, asthma attacks, allergic triggers, and headaches. Prolonged exposure to the substance is even more harmful and can possibly be life-threatening: you could be looking at pulmonary bleeding, renal and neurotoxicity, complications in pregnant women, even cancer.

Exposure to mold, needless to say, can pose an endless series of adverse effects to humans, which is where Titan Restoration comes in. Even with the slightest movement of air or force applied, mold can release spores in the air that could go into a person’s body and create respiratory and other health risks to you and your loved ones. With Titan Restoration, there’s no need to worry about any of that.

Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? Call Titan Restoration and save yourself the worry or the pain of having to spend money on expensive medical bills. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. As soon as you spot the problem, contact our experts and eliminate the mold immediately and thoroughly. While most people seem to believe that taking care of the problem on their own is a more prudent course of action, acquiring the equipment and materials needed to do it will end up costing you more, while also endangering your life. All inspections and estimates done by Titan Restoration are free, so get in touch with us now and we will help keep you and your loved ones safe from the silent enemy of mold. Contact Titan Restoration today at 888-267-1924.