Garrett Biggs

Started with Titan: 2/16/2009 (20 years in the industry)

Certification & Training:

  • Lead Renovator (R-I-08846-10-00445)
  • Mold Remediation Technician
  • Successful Subrogation I


Garrett is a husband and father of 4. His wife is beautiful and his children are popular and smart. His hobbies include cross fit and being carried out to the beach to spend the day eating tacos and soaking up the Mexican sun. He also enjoys taking his office harem out for lunch to his favorite Thai food restaurant.

He has lived in Arizona for 20 years, spending most of his childhood in the Amazon rain forest with his parents who were missionaries working with the indigenous people there. When you meet him you may notice a slight hitch in his get-along. This comes from a childhood illness contracted in Rhodesia, most likely from consuming an infected tortoise. Don’t be alarmed, he is free from all contagious maladies now.

Garrett has been in the restoration business for 15 years and is a master at his craft. He has excellent estimating skills and his design eye rivals any “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” in the home fashion industry.