Water Damage Phoenix


Water damage is a major issue that needs to be dealt with quickly and decisively. Water intrusion damages wood, corrodes steel, ruins textiles and causes short circuits in your electric supply system. Left unaddressed or improperly mitigated, it can create fire hazards and serve as a catalyst for microbial growth. If you’re dealing with water damage at your property, call Titan Restoration for fast, efficient, courteous emergency services. We have the equipment, the experience and the expertise mitigate water from your property quickly and completely -fully restoring any damaged property. With the combined decades of experience in the industry, you can trust your property will be restored by the best of the best - satisfaction guaranteed.

Drying Right

Just because the visible signs of water aren't there, doesn’t mean that your property is truly dry. Hidden pockets of water could be wreaking havoc behind walls, under your floors and within your ceilings. Stale water vapor could also be saturating indoor air, which can cause incremental damage and musty odors to your property and its contents over time. If you’ve had recent water intrusion in your home or office, don’t take any chances. Get professional drying services applied to your site to prevent additional losses from taking place right under your nose.

Services We Provide:

24/7 Emergency Services

Quick Response Time

Free Assessments

We Bill & Communicate With Your Insurance

Daily Monitoring of Damaged Property

Demolition & Reconstruction Services

Equipped To Handle Any Size Loss

Not sure if you'll file a claim with insurance?

Not a problem! We provide FREE assessments! We'll assess the damage and help you decide whether the damage is worth filing a claim or small enough to handle without insurance. If you are filing a claim, it's important to file quickly and correctly to ensure coverage and expedite the claims process. We'll work with your insurance company to ensure that your claim is submitted correctly and completely. We'll communicate with your adjuster minimize your out of pocket costs and utilize our experience and good relationships to make sure your needs are met.

Why Titan?

Titan Restoration provides professional water damage restoration services throughout Arizona. As experts in the science of analyzing and mitigating water damage to losses of all sizes, Titan Restoration is the premiere provider for professional, truly full service restoration. With state-of-the-art equipment, a highly trained team and substantial experience in the field, you can rest assured the job will be completed with the speed, simplicity and quality Titan Restoration is known for.

Titan Pro Tips

4 Things to do NOW

1 - Stop the water. Determine where the water is coming from and stop the flow. If you can’t determine the source, try shutting the water off at the main outside and contact a professional.

2 - Move valuables, electronics and furniture. Water damage will adversely affect electronics and wood furniture. But, removing these items from direct moisture and reducing exposure to high humidity can save your belongings. Wrapping wood feet and bases with aluminum foil as ‘cups’ keeps moisture out and still allow evaporation.

3 - Get rid of the water.  Use old towels and mops to soak up as much water as possible. A wet/dry vac can be used too, Note: Plug it into an outlet far away from water and avoid extension cords. The connection could short out and give you a nasty shock. If there's a lot of standing water, consider renting a sump pump from your local  hardware store.

4 - Purge the air. If weather permits, open windows and doors to help eliminate the humid air.


DO beware of rodents, snakes and insects that might have been attracted to the water

DO smell for gas and look for damaged power and gas lines, foundation cracks and exterior damage

DO look for broken pilings, shifted stairs, slanted floors and walls

DO turn off water and power (unless you would have to do so while standing in water)


DON’T enter the property if you see major structural damage

DON’T walk on sagging floors or floors above sagging ceilings

DON’T use appliances or turn on ceiling fixtures if the ceilings are wet